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Kavli is an advertising and brand strategy agency based in London, specialising in the British and Middle Eastern markets.
As a full-service agency, we deal with every aspect of an organisation’s identity from advertising, brand strategy, digital presence, and direct mail campaigns.

Our key team members are bilingual in Arabic and English and have an expert knowledge of the GCC region, as well as a strong understanding of the values, traditions and social layering of Middle Eastern culture.

This has uniquely positioned us to appeal to both British and Middle Eastern organisations, applying our many years of successful communications experience to deliver real and tangible results.

How do we
measure these
results ?

Some people measure them by the international awards we have won for our creative approach to advertising, such as the Kuwaiti KREA (2006), Kuwait Advertising Arab Award (2006/2008), and the globally esteemed Summit International Award (2006/2008).

We measure them against the success of our clients.

And we do this day in, day out, for the likes numerous organisations with a global presence across a range of industry sectors, including: banking, investment, real estate, oil & petroleum, telecommunications, medical, hospitality, automotive, food, health, and education.