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Finally, a workshop that cuts to the heart of what brand is all about, connecting the rational and the emotional, the theoretical and the practical, the logical and the magical to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

workshop key benefits:

By attending this branding workshop, you can:
• Understand the modern definition of brand, what it is (and is not)
• Understand brand management
• Understand brand differentiation and innovation
• Understand why brand works, the purpose of brand
• Understand the risk of not having a clear competitive stance in the market
• Understand how customer perception is developed and maintained
• Understand how your business strategy will succeed or fail when put to the ultimate test
• Leverage the power of branding and make the leap from strategy to execution

Who should attend?
If you are concerned about the future of your brand or how to differentiate and innovate your brand this workshop is for you.

• CEO’s
• Business owners
• General managers
• Business executives
• Marketing managers
• Brand managers
• Sales managers
• Entrepreneurs
• Public relations managers
• Customer relations managers
• Business development managers
• Designers and creative professionals

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